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4th Orange Blossom International Plastic Arts Colony

Hosting artists from different countries on June 20th every year in the unique environment of Sapanca Doğapark, the Portakal Çiçeği International Plastic Arts Colony continues its activities in an every growing way [Portakal Çiçeği means “orange blossom” in Turkish]. 

Having already brought together about 100 artists from tens of countries in the first three colonies, this year, there are 46 artists from 11 countries in the colony.

Built by Mr. Ahmet Şahin; an art-lover businessman, who is also the founder of almost-completed Portakal Çiçeği Residence, the highest building in Ankara; the lake-side Doğapark, which has also been created by him with a love for nature and animals, will host this event. This farm having hundreds of animals and plant species will offer full-board for the artists for 20 days, and the pieces of works to be created here by these artists will be exhibited to the taste of art-lovers at the end of the year.

Mr. Şahin and his team are doing their best to hold the colony every year, and their only goal is to be able to serve our country for the sake of art by hosting artists of different nations and cultures to enable them a comfortable working environment so that they can create their works of arts. 

This year is the fourth of the colony and as in the past three ones, esteemed artists will produce hundreds of works and you, the art-lovers will have the chance to view them in the traditional year-end exhibition. 

You can visit us at the following websites to check all the news, learn about the exhibition dates, activities done at our colony and meet with the unique environment of Doğapark.